Blu Ray Discs
  • What do you think of Sonys choice to put a BluRay disc player into the PS3, rather than a cheaper DVD player ?

    Let us know your views on Blu Ray, both for Playstation 3 games and movies.
  • Absolutely amazing move by Sony...

    Putting games onto Blu-Ray disks opens up so many more opportunities, as we know..

    And Blu-Ray movies are quality, i am thoroughly awestruck everytime i see one...

    So for me it was one of there best ever ideas.... Thankyou.....:D:D:D:D
  • I too think it was a phenomenal idea. Everyone is moving towards HDTV's, as analog TV's will be unusable in a few years (At least in the U.S., you won't be able to get analog Television signals). Plus HDTV's are obviously much better than standard tube televisions.

    Back to Blu-ray. It's still early in its life cycle, so people are taking jabs at it constantly. But wait, didn't the same thing happen with DVD's at first? Quickly people realized that VHS was dying, and it would be best to leave it behind. I think the difference from DVD to Blu-ray isn't huge at this point, which is why people are going to be slow to make the transition. We made the transition because we wanted the newest game system. Other people might choose to make the transition because they are home theater fans.

    Blu-ray is going to have a much more noticable effect to gamers. Blu-ray games look tons better (when done right) than DVD games, as they should. The sound is better, the features will eventually get better, Blu-ray is simply better.

    Sony has always made "interesting" choices - ones that some people scoffed at and laughed at, but could you have imagined the PS2 having a VHS player built in? They knew what they were doing at that point, and I'm confident they did the right thing by moving on to Blu-ray at this point.

    The best part of all this is that they haven't completely dumped DVD yet. You can still watch it on the PS3, and I watch a ton more DVDs than Blu-ray anyway. I do that because I own a lot of DVDs, and Blu-ray movies are too expensive right now. When the price comes closer to the cost of a DVD, sure I'll take the plunge, and so will other people.

    So, in my opinion, the pricing needs to be better, both for the cost of the PS3 and the discs, to get people used to Blu-ray. It's all about getting people used to the idea of this new thing, and once that is achieved, it can't do anything but succeed.
  • Woww, nice comment....:)

    I agree with all of that MCW...
  • can the blu-ray player play regular DVDs?
  • Yes, Billy, Blu-Ray players are fully backward compatible with DVDs.
  • I like it. It was going to happen sooner or later. I believe it was more a move on piracy from $ony than anything. So good. However, given a little time, somebody always finds a way. As for my opinion on blu-ray format? Rugular DVD's have just about run thier course. As more time goes by, there is more and more demand for more space. CD's went to DVD...DVD to DVD-DL from that to Blu-Ray. I dont think the consumer hasnt yet grasped the concept yet due to its price on media, players, burners and such. As it gains popularity, the price will go down and it will become as popular and used as regular DVD's thanks to $ony's move to put it in thier next gen console. Looking ahead, i'm sure that 10 years from now (maybe less) there will be yet another format that will out perform blu-ray. <<shrug>> Who knows...
  • Sony didn't win a war format very often, even if they tried a couple of times, (one of the last ones, for example, ATRAC with minidiscs). And they were absolutely genius with the Blu Ray moved into the PS3. That way, the people, when buying the game console, buy also the Blu Ray player - 2 in 1. That way they helped that format and the war was won - exit DVDHD. BTW, I'm glad that for one time, (well, maybe not the only one), Microsoft hit the wall. slammed real hard! They want so desperately make more money, (oh they need so), that they didn't put the dvdHD player into the Xbox 360. This console was out a couple of months before PS3, and that way they were able to win the format war, because still more people own xbox. Glad they didn't. Look what they did to the HDCD! They bougth it and it's dead, man. And it was so fine sounding... Their wma didn't work as well.
  • love the blue-ray on my high def. 43" tv.its great!