• My psp wont read any umds I dont know whats wrong with it someone Help
  • Unfortunately we are a community fan forum. We're not actually connected to Sony.

    If you are having serious problems with your PSP then it might need replacing completely, or at least part of it need replacing.

    I would contact the Sony Hardware Helpline. You can find the number in the back on any game manual. Make sure you use the number of your country AND that you phone the hardware number not the games number.

    Maybe another member of our staff can provide you with a better answer than I have given you.

    Keep us updated what you've had to do, ok? :)

    Site Squad
  • Jay is right- chances are something has happened inside the system itself. Your best bet would be to contact Sony's tech support (number is in the manual) and ask them about it. If the system is under a year old you are still covered under warranty and they will fix/ replace it at no charge.
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    Check out my thread, hope it helps you.