offer for demo disc
  • i sent in for the demo disc about four weeks ago and still havnt got it, so if you could please tell me how long it took for you guys to get yours and what games are featured on it. thany you.
  • If you're talking about the demo that you could send in when you purchased your PS2 then i got mine back in a little over a month. The games that are on the demo are Madden 2001, ESPN International Track and Field, NHL 2001, ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding, Armored Core 2, EA Sports BIG SSX, Wild Wild Racing and Dynasty Warriors 2. The videos on the disk are FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer, Summoner and Ready To Rumble Boxing : Round 2. And the special movie preview is of the summer CGI film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I hope this helps yu and good luck on getting the demo. If it doesn't come within the next couple weeks, i'd call Sony and they could probably work something out with you. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • [b]I got my 3rd one about a month ago from Sony and it was the GT3 demo, It seems that they are using my old PSX registration of the old days to send out the demo's.

    Over the years I've been getting 4 demo discs per year, just because I filled in the little slip of paper all those years ago when the PSX first came out and when I got my PS2 last November I did the same again, the first demo came about April.

    If you go to the main Sony PSX site and have a good look around you will find a registration form to fill in online. It's in the PS2 section. Also the people who bought GT3 have another web address to get another free demo.

    Did anyone who pre-ordered there PS2 keep getting money back coupons from Sony? I keep getting
  • It seamed like it took it 2 months for me. Mine had atv offroad fury, Zone of enders, Win back, star wars star fighter, red faction, I cant remmeber all the games right now. Oh and little movies of, dark cloud, the bouncer, and I cant remmeber the rest. I Think every time you send in one you get a newer version of a demo disc. My demo disc has version 2.1 on it.
  • You can always get the Jampack that you can get at most retail stores for less than &#3610. I got mine for &#364.94 because i get discounts at these sores. It has some great demos on it including ICO, which is awesome, Soul Reaver 2, also awsome, andmany more. This would help while you wait for the other demo to arrive. Depending on when you sent in for the demo disk will determine what games will be on it. I hope that this little bit of info is of any help to you.
  • I still haven't got mine!!!! I guess us i'm nt getting it since all you guys got yours and i got my PS2 the first day it was out!
    So %^&* you Sony!
  • It's been over a month maybe two since I sent off for mine, and still nothing. I also subscribed to the official Playstation Magazine, and haven't heard from them either. You get a demo with ever issue. although I think only every other demo is exclusive for Ps2. Who knows.
  • It does usually take a couple of months before it gets to your house. You're right, every other demo is scheduled to be PS2 exclusive and it usually takes a while for the subscriptions to kick in. I think it's between 4 and 5 months before the first issue arrives which means you'll have to buy the other issues that precede. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming . :thumbsup: