online problems and nat problems
  • ok first of all im from sweden i got a router called zyxel-prestige 320w. just bought ps3 and rainbow six.,.,the problem is the online gaming is acting really wierd...when i start i up i can play one game and after i quit and searh again it doesnt find anything,.,.and i cant join invites.,and if i start my on game people cant connect to it.. ive stayed in my first game once and could play for like 45 min then it just threw me back in to the playstation menu,.ALL THE WAY BACK!!! but im still logged on to the network. i can see my friendlist still..,when i test the connection it goes ip-succed, internet-succed, playstation network-succed, upnp-availeble, nat-failed, error message comes up:(dont know what it says in english versions but here's my translation) connection to the server exeded the timelimit. ive reed about dmz but cant find it in my router internet settings thing on the web. ive tryed to port forward but dont know if i did it right( dont know wicht port-number im supposed to use) the support for the router is retarded spent 30 min alking to som voice mail-thing that didnt lead me anywere. if it makes any difference i first set up the router wireless but changed it when my connection acted funny the first time,,.,have rebooted it since then,.,.and changed the setting on ps3 to wire.,...,.,.dont understand whats wrong so after a lot of frustration and 2 minor nervous brakedowns and 1 sucied attempt i found this forum,.,.i need help.,((just kidding about the breakdowns and suicide attempts of course at least IRL hehe))
  • If you look through your router setting you should be able to find a bit called MAC Filtering- you could try that. Get your PS3's MAC Address (found in the system settings) and go into the mac address filtering in the router set up. If there is a button to click to enable it click that, then put in the MAC Address of the PS3 in the blanks provided. Once done hit the button for saving the settings.

    If all else fails you can try contacting Sony's support and they should be able to walk you through it.

    I tried to get hold of the user guide from the manufacturer's site but was running into errors of some sort with DNS (possibly blocking downloads from outside their region) so i can't provide exact details on where to go.
  • ok i'll try that..wont get home untill sunday but hope it works,.,.by the way,.,the port i opened ( or whatever i managed to do ,im not sure) should i closed it again or just leave it the way it is...cause the day after i opened it i played for like 4 hours in my first game.,.,at least thats some improvement...but when i quited i couldnt find a game as usual.,.anyway il try what you said,.,.thanx
  • by the way my friend is having some problems to so i thaught ill ask ( since he is too lazy to get his tumbs out of his %
  • There's no difference between a so-called "gaming router" and a normal router anyway- it's just a way to maybe charge a bit more for the same thing. As for the port, it shouldn't hurt anything to leave it as you have it now.

    He may want to check through his settings and try the same things I suggested to you.
  • nopp didnt work,.,.but the mac filtering i found was under wireless lan.,.,.but im not running wireless any more,.,.any other ideas?,.,still not getting any nat-type,:(((( it say error 8013203.,.,
  • I'm going to suggest what i did with my own D-Link router- set up a custom IP address for the PS3 in DHCP. By doing this the PS3 will get the same IP address every time it goes online through the router. You will then have to edit the PS3's settings to have that IP address in there along with the router IP, Subnet Mask and DNS servers.
  • i think i already have that,.,. my dhcp is enabled and there's the ip my ps3 show on its settings.,.,but underneath it says: dns servers assigned by dhcp server,.,but its just zeros next to first and second dns,.,i got a question,.,if i by a ""gaming"" router,.,will it have the right settings so i dont have to F**k around with the settings like this,.,.cause im getting really sick of this sh*t,.. the money is no problem.,i just wanna play my F**king 600$ machine.,.,why does it have to be so hard,.,I HATE COMPUTERS!! its never just plug it in and enjoy.,there is always some sh*t you have to do to get it to work,.,.
  • No, you would still have to deal with settings with a gaming router. As i said before, there is no difference between them and normal routers. It's all a marketing ploy.

    If the Ps3 is showing a specific address but the router is handling doling them out you should take that IP address out of the PS3's settings- you may be getting a mismatch. The DNS servers are determined by your ISP- you should be able to find them in your router status and add them in. Did you put in the router's IP address and the Subnet mask as well?
  • hey i got nat.,.,but im not sure what i did right,.,i out in the dns numbers in the blank spaces i told you about earlier,.then i did the test.,i got nat type 2:)):)):)) ,.,buit the wierd thing is i wanted to see if that was the problem so i blanked the spaces out again .,apply,.,test,..,but still nat 2..,.,:)).,.not that im complaining,.,.,but i also fiddeld around in the "static dhcp table" and the dhcp client list.,.,for som reason ive checked a box that says reserve.,whats that?.,.anyway i unchecked the box before i put in the dns numbers.,.,???.,.,sorry that im still nagging but i just wanna know how i fixed it in case it happens in the future,.,thanx for all your help so far.,.it been a real life-saver.,.,do you play Rainbow six vegas?
  • by the way i noticed a funny thing earlier.,.,in my setting on the ps3.,.,my secondarie dns number was the same number as my router number..,if that helps understanding what the problems was?.,.,its right now by the way.,.:):):):)
  • wel,.,well,.,well,.,if i aint F**king glourios.,.,ive got nat type 2.,.,now i cant connect to games AT ALL!!!!!!
  • no wait,.,. sorry,., it worked the third time,.,.
  • The Static DHCP table is where you would reserve a specific IP address for the PlayStation 3, which was one of my suggestions to you. And yes, having the IP of the router in the secondary DNS server section would not help things either.

    The fix was made when you added in that bit of information the PS3 needed- sometimes the easy settings don't quite cut it for grabbing the information it needs.

    Afraid I don't get much time for online play between doing this and work- at any rate i suck at the squad shooters. Just not my thing.