PSP Trouble- Disc won't stay down
  • Hi there, just purchased a psp of ebay. When i insert the game it either pops back out or you have to push it in & close the door quickly as it does not insert fully. I'd be grateful for any further advice i.e. will it eventually not play games. Can anything be done etc???
  • I'd say you found out one reason why he sold that PSP- the game disc should lock in place with a gentle 'click' and not have to be held down.

    That should not affect how well the system plays the discs, however. More of a minor irritant than anything. Going back to the seller about it would likely produce no results. Sony would be able to repair it but you would likely have to pay for it as that unit would be out of the one year warranty period given to new PSPs. However, that may be the only option other than putting up with it.
  • What Lyn has said about the actual PSP itself is entirely correct.

    On a sidenote, about the advertisement for it on ebay...
    Go back to the items listing page and READ CAREFULLY what it says. Does it mention the PSP UMD holder problem? If it does, then unfortunately you've literally got what you paid for.
    If, however, it does NOT mention that, then I would contact ebay about your problem and tell them that it was "not as described" and then go through it that way, you may, and I cant emphasize this enough, MAY, be eligible for some of your money back, but I doubt it.

    I'd still check out what I've suggested though. Maybe the Seller does returns or something? No harm in asking I suppose.