CSI Miami's David Caruso
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    I was into CSI for a couple of months. I mainly watched the original CSI, I think Spike was showing it constantly. But then I started to notice a trend. Every episode was pretty much the same as the last. I kept watching, because the murder mysteries were fun to watch and decypher.

    Well, of course someone on YouTube caught on to David Caruso's acting skills in his CSI (Miami), and made a video about it. If you have ever watched any of the 8 versions of CSI, you must see


    And after you watch that, you must see THIS one of Jim Carrey's take on Caruso. Who knew Jim Carrey was still funny?

    And after you see those two videos, the best part is THIS ONE. A chipmunk's take on David Caruso.

    Yes, there is an actual use for YouTube - making me laugh :D.