Uploading/Submitting Free Games?
  • Hi,
    I have a question about the free games that you can play on this site.
    I've had one of my games on this site before, but its gone now, which was integrated with your high score system.
    Is it possible for me to upload my newest game to this site for everyone to play.
    Basically it's just an updated version with a lot more stuff and better looking graphics than the game that used to be on this site. It was called Paperplane Madness.

    So how do I go about getting my game on this site?
    I can easily add any code in to integrate with your high score system as I have done with a few other sites.

    Here is a link to the game im talking about. This is the new latest version:

    Paperplane Madness 2

    Let me know what you thin and please reply soon.
  • Welcome to the site, Chilly.

    We do tend to sometimes deactivate some games that are starting to be less active- it's quite likely this was the case here.

    We'd be more than happy to have this updated version added in (played a few rounds to check it out, i kinda sucked at it compared to the high scorers). You would have to talk to Jim B STAFF, the owner of the site, about any coding integration and getting the game added to our arcade database. I would suggest sending him a PM about it.