internet working, cannot connect to other gamers
  • Hi, my first post here. I have just today bought a PS3 and successfully registered with playstation online. I was also able to browse the internet and download a game demo. However, when I tried to play a match on FIFA 08, I get a message saying the match has closed. I tried this several times with no change. So I tried my other game, F1 championship edition, and I can browse all the channels and games availablem but when I try to join a game it says there is a problem with the internet or host. The internet is fine and I highly doubt that there is a problem with all of the 15 or so hosts that I tried. How can i resolve the problem?
    Thank you
  • Sounds like a problem with certain ports being blocked that should be open. I take it you do have a router in place for sharing your connection?
  • I am actually at university at the moment, I just plugged the black cable that came with the PS3 into the wall. Am I able to open ports if it is a shared connection like that?
  • Ok- you may have to check with the people that handle the university 'net access. I'm not sure if using a router would help you in this case.