My disk will not spin.
  • I have the slim ps2 and bought it two years ago. Now when I insert the disk and turn it on, the system turns on but the disk doesn't spin. It just goes to the system configeration screen.I have tried other games but it still does not work. I've had this problem once before to, but it fixed it's self and was working fine up untill now. What shoud I do?
  • Unfortunately i don't think there is anything you can do- your PS2's disc drive has bit the dust. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :(
  • Yeah but why did it do it before, but start working again.
  • That first time was a hint that something was starting to go wrong with the system. Over time it got a bit worse until it got to the point it is at now.
  • In just two years?
  • You may have had a build up of dust inside the system that made things eventually overheat and short out inside. It also could have been a faulty part that somehow got past the quality control checks. There are too many factors to consider.

    At this point, however, the only thing you can do is contact Sony and ask them about repairs or replacing the system. You would have to pay out for the shipping (both ways) as well as a labor fee seeing as the system is out of warranty.
  • Okay this is weird, it's working fine now. Does that mean it will do the same thing again soon?
  • It's quite likely it will at some point. This could be an overheating issue due to a collection of dust inside the vent. You should take the vacuum and use it along the vents on the system to suck out whatever dust you can.
  • Great, thanks for your help!