Soldier of fortune gold
  • I'm about to throw my console across the room. A particlular level will not give me any ability to restock my ammo, but it keeps sending people at me left and right. I'm using a freakin' knife at this point, and I keep dying because I can't fight two guys with bullet proof vests with a dagger. Any ideas? There has to be some reason why the game does not allow you to restock weapons. At this point, I really just want the game to be over. Does any one know any codes to get through it...please, for the love of everything sacred????
  • I searched everywhere for Soldier of Fortune codes for the Playstation 2 and havent found anything :erm: I tried finding you a walkthrough and theres nothing so far.
  • Soldier of Fortune! On the PS2! Are you sure???
  • He's sure,Nosaj-it came out in November.

    Hate to say it,jlovesj,but it looks like there aren't any codes available on this one-yet.No doubt some will be found.
  • Well we didn`t get it in the U.K. `til a few weeks ago , and I found it very dissapointing. Talk about Jerkourama.