Eternal Sonata for PS3?
  • With all the information thats been going around over the past month Bandai cant seem to confirm or deny that the thought XBOX360 exclusive title Eternal Sonata will be ported to the PS3. What are your thoughts or information. Do you have any definante info if its coming or not? Any thoughts on how this title will help the PS3? Can Chopin save playstation?
  • Tried replying to this earlier but i think we were having server problems or something. :huh:

    The game is coming to the PS3- this was confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show. Namco Bandai had a video of the Japanese PS3 version running in their booth. It's scheduled for a 2008 release over there- no word on North America or Europe.
  • Yes, the PS3 version will have two more playable characters: Crescendo and Serenade. It will also have clothing changes visible on characters...... Which I really like.

    I just recently completed the 360 version and I don't see the point of those two characters as playable other than a single point in the game and that is very near the end, making things a bit weird. That is, unless they change the story to compensate for them joining earlier in the game, which would also be odd.

    Whether the game comes here or not really is a wait and see thing. Namco Bandai will be looking both at the Japanese sales at the re-release as well as the English sales of the 360 release before making a decision on its release outside of Japan. If it does come out here, I shall repurchase the game as it is pretty sweet, and I would like to see the new additions.