can't play game in other language
  • I bought SIMCITY 2000 on EBAY from Japan and now I cann't play it on my PS1. The message on the screen tells me "Please insert playstation format disk". What is this and how do I acquire one?
  • The disc you bought is probably for the Japanese region only. If your PlayStation is not made for the Japanese region it will not be able to play it due to the region coding put into each disc.
  • It would have been nice if he would have informed me of that beforehand. Lol.
    so, what is a "format disk"?
  • What that message meant was you need a PlayStation disc that was made for play on the specific television standard your PlayStation was made for. PlayStation and PS2 games have region coding in place, meaning games will only play in certain systems. The 3 main standards are NTSC (for North America and Mexico), PAL (the UK, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Australia) and NTSC/ J (Japan).

    The game you bought was most likely made to play only on PlayStation systems meant for Japan, so it would not work in a system sold for the UK or North America.
  • Well, thank-you for answering my questions. You've been a big help. I guess I'll just throw the game away then. Have a good day.
  • No need to necessarily throw it away- you could always ebay it yourself to get some of your cash back.