Disc tray won't stay closed
  • Hi, my playstation 2's disc tray won't stay closed.
    I have had the problem in the past, but it went over by forcing the tray to stay closed (it tried again, and started playing).
    Now it doesn't go over :( .
    I checked the ribbon cable (for the eject/power) because it's damaged, but it works like it should, no shortages.
    If anyone has any idea what it could be, it would be most appreciated.
  • The problem is that ribbon cable- it's now to the point of no return. If you can i would have it replaced ASAP, otherwise you are looking at scrapping the system altogether.
  • Ok, my replacement cable has finally arrived.
    I have replaced the old one, but the problem still occurs. :(
    Does anybody know what else it could be, or can I forget my PS2?
  • Most of CD/DVD player trays have a little switch at each end of its way in and out. This switch "tells" the system: "the tray is in, the tray is out". When the switch becomes dirty the system won't know the position of the tray, so, to avoid damage to the mechanism it keeps the tray coming in and out until a switch is shortened.

    I don't know if there are this kind of switches in the PS, just check it and clean it if possible, I mean, some switches are sealed and cant' be cleaned, those must be replaced.