The king of fighters 99
  • hi al i am needing some codes for The king of fighters 99 i have beeten the game and need some codes so please help thanks
  • Here are some:

    Unlock Krizalid:Complete team play and watch the ending.Then at the character selection screen highlight the random box (?), hold start and press circle,X,triangle and square.Krysalid will then be available unde the random box.
    Note that he only works in team vs,single vs and practice modes.

    Unlimited survival mode time:Highlight survival option hold start+triangle and press circle.

    Know your characters order:Hold start while selecting your characters order.

    Choose your characters winning pose:Immediately press a button after defeating an opponent.Each button is a different pose.

    Hope these help :P
  • okie dokie that's all i need in this topic so i guess it can be closed
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