• I just bought FF9 and am playing it on my PS2. I can not save my game with my Mad Catz 8mb memory card. Please don't tell me I have to go buy an old regular Playstation memory card to save this f***in game. PLEASE HELP....
  • I'm afraid that's what you'll have to do.The 8MB card is only for PS2 game saves-you need to use a PSOne memory card for original PlayStation games.
  • but there is a little trick u can do if u need a place to store files as back-ups. if and when u do get a ps one mem card or if u already have one put both memory cards in the slots the ps one and the ps 2 and then go into the browser and into the memory card area. there u jes transfer files but u cant use them from the ps 2 card they r jes there in case ur memory card messes up or or accidently erase them. trust me this trick has been a life saver for me quit a few times. just remeber u cant use them from the ps 2 mem card u can only use them on the ps one card. as was stated above only ps 2 game saves can be used from a ps 2 card and only ps one game saves can be used for a ps one card. but that doesnt mean u cant use them as backups lol see ya trunks
  • That's a great tip trunks, Thanks :thumbsup:
    So, 8 full PSone memory cards can be stored on a single empty PS2 card. Cool. And it won't damage your PS2 card?
    Could it be done the other way, making PS2 save backups on your PSone card?

    Very interesting...