hardware issue sorry, I just realised I posted this message in the wrong forum moved
  • Hardware Issue please help


    I just got a second hand ps2, it plays ps2 games fine but wont play dvds or ps1 games.

    I tested it with some anime region 4 dvds and the dvd that came with final fantasy X. they failed

    I also tested the ps1 function with Alundra 2 it failed

    mine is a 50002 series model and its under warranty but I would like to know if this is an acctual problem or im expecting something unrealistic.
  • update. I have re tested and all my ps1 games work after some restarts to load properly except monkey hero, but that was on sonys list

    I have tried some more region 4 dvds but cant get any to work :(
  • Sorry to say but that second hand system you bought should have been scrapped. That disc drive in it sounds as if it is just about ready to kick the bucket for good.

    If you do indeed have some warranty on that by all means take it back and get it exchanged. If possible, check the unit out in the store before taking it home.