Onimusha: Warlords
  • I can't find the original thread for Onimusha.
  • The weapons shouldn
  • Can I even backtrack to the Dark Realm (20 level) after defeating Marcellus and before fighting Fortinbras?
  • It's doable, but you have to keep your finger near that block button and be ready to run like hell when he starts throwing stuff at you. With your stuff maxed out, gettting to the end of the dark realm is a breeze, just remember to take a few medicines with you. You'll get all kinds of goodies on the way, then the Bishamon Ocarina. You go boy, damn what a big sword you'll get. Kills most enemy's in one little swipe.
  • While we are on the topic of Onimusha, does anyone know where the last piese of flourite is?
  • Noooooo!!!!! it is extremely worth it. If you don't go through the dark realm, then you'll have a devil of a time beating the last boss, and you'll miss out on some way cool features in the end of the game. Collecting all fo the flourites opens up one hell of a challenging mini game that's fun. It's called oni-spirits. Dark realm, you must do it. I suggest getting all of your weapons maxed out, and Go to the well in the West Prison area. Go down and enter the dark realm there, for some reason it's a little easier than the Dark Realm in the Temple.
  • Sorry, I must have worded my question wrong.
  • OH....I see......well the last peice of flourite is in the Darkrealm, which means that
  • Yeah that is enough to defeat him (i only had 1 herb) Just use the fire sword and when he falls unlease the magic! Keep on doing this until he dies. For more power use the fire, then when on the ground use thunder, if you want him down quicker use the wind and then the thunder. hope this helps!
  • SuperG, after defeating Marcellus you cannot return to the keep.
  • Well if your taking him on then your going to need my help :grin1: . When you first meet him take out your Fire Sword and hit him until he falls to the ground, when down use any sword you want (I found maxed out thunder works well), to get him down faster use the Wind Magic, only heal when in the red. If you have soul absorbers USE them. You can get good spirits from him when you use the absorb ability. When he lunges at you block, When purple orbs fly run. They line up in a straight path going acrossblocking your way away or towards him, or they form around you, if they do you only have a breaf second before they light you up. Sometimes he swipes at you (air pushes you back) and lunges at you, if he does block. His lazer eyes are tough to out run but just run away and if your caught between them go towards him and then to the stream. His fire breath is really easy to dodge, just go all the way to the back of the screen away from him and just keep on running even if you can't. Arrows and bullets dont do alot of damage on him so sword up close or magic work the best and whenever he is down take the open shot this is the only way to defeat him. I havent played in a while but I will up date this if I can find an idiot proof way of defeating him.
  • Well, Kick a$$ and take some names....enjoy the awesome CG at the end.
  • Well now I'm PO'd!
  • The problem is that it just takes a long time with the conventional stuff......you really need to keep your finger on the L1 button, and be ready to run. ....Use wind to knock him and downmand lightning to crack his skull, just keep going at him..then,...when he dies sit back and watch the movie...wonderful ain't it. I'm going to tell you that I can supply you with my walkthrough if you want it for when you start over.
  • Thanks SuperG.
  • :mad: i stuck in the place where i have solved a puzzle.samonuseke is stuck in a room where kaeda has to solved the puzzle to save him.the puzzle is to join crest of the clan.i already tried 3 times and failed.its quite frustrating cause u have to start from the first puzzle.please ....help me.....thanks
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  • I didn't complete the Dark Realm, nor did I use much of my magic (by switching swords) on the last Demon.
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  • Hey gr8

    did you ever beat it. I just wondered what you thought of the awesome CG at the end.
  • Not yet SuperG.
  • I beat that game.

    The ending is so cool!! :2spin:

    I loved it!
  • :laugh3: hey i found something in the east area when i played samonuske.when u first entered east