• Looking for the Mardan or Baron Garayan? Here's a tip:
    Both can be found at either Matataki Village Pond, (by the waterfall), or at Muska Lacka Pond. The best time of day to find them is half way through Dusk, just after the music stops.

    Here's how to go about it:
    Make sure you have a potato cake, poisonous apple, and a common bait for the area, (Gooey Peach for Muska Lacka, one of the worms for Matataki). First bait your hook with the common bait, cast it in near a fish. If the fish reacts and comes for the bait, pull it out, 'cause you don't want that fish. If all the fish react to the common bait, just quit fishing and re-enter, as this reloads the pond with new fish. You want a fish that won't react to the common bait. If you find a fish that doesn't react to the common bait, it just may be a Mardan. Let's check it out. Rebait your hook with the poisonous apple and cast near the fish who didn't react. Chances are he'll go for the apple. If not, you just may have a Baron on your hands. Rebait your hook with the potato cake and repeat the process. Be very carefull when using the potato cake, though, as most of the common fish go for it as well as the Baron. Try to catch the Baron while it isn't near the other fish. If you catch the Mardan, or the Baron, congratulations! You are now on your way to easy weapons upgrading, 'cause all those fish points will make it easy to receive Gems! Have fun and Good Luck!
  • Thanks ziffgone :D