• My three year old decided to put a quarter in the disc area. I can hear it rattling around in there. Any ideas on how to get this out? There is a game in there as well. Don't want to turn it on and fry everything. This was my brother's, who recently passed away, and I don't want to lose his stuff that is on there, ie pictures and music ans such. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • You may have to resort to taking the top off of the system to try getting it out- otherwise, you may have to contact Sony to have them fix things up. You can always transfer off the pictures, music, etc. onto a USB jump drive or memory stick for safe keeping if going that route.
  • Thanks, I am may try to take the top off since at this point the warranty is void due to human error anyways! Can I transfer this stuff without turning it on? Or if I do turn it on will it fry only the drive? I am very stressed about this, more for sentimental reasons than for anything else.
  • Well, if you haven't changed the setting it will automatically start playing the disc inside when you do fire it up. They added an option to have the disc autoplay turned off at startup in one of the recent system updates. If you are quick, however, you can quit the disc to make it stop playing and try to eject it. If the coin is rolling around loose on top it shouldn't jam anything up.

    You will have to turn it on to be able to transfer anything from the hard drive. I do advise caution if you do decide to open it up yourself- we have seen a number of cases of people going into their system to try to "fix something" and have disconnected a cable that is vital to the whole system.
  • I took the cover and just looked at, didn't touch anything and saw that it was beyond my own comfort level. This really sucks but I will try to do what you suggested, mine does automatically go to disc so I will see what I can do. Have I mentioned that I hate the slide drives for this very reason? Thanks a lot for your help, I am hoping to start it up and not destroy the whole thing!
  • I have girl (almost 3 yrs old) and I feared this same scenario ! If I had to tackle a disasemble I think I would set up a video recorder while doing it AND take video & pictures of each step. Remember electronics are very STATIC sensitive! My last suggestion would be considering, for " sentimental reasons than for anything else",to remove the HDD(hard drive) and use another PS3 to retrieve/transfer all data that you cherish to a flash drive(memory stick) It's only 1 screw to remove the HDD so before you power it up with data/files that are not backed up think about all your options. Hope that helped some... OH since controllers are wireless maybe a higher shelf is a better place where toddlers can't reach the system
  • Woo-hoo! My huhsband, who fixes robots and laser cutting head for a living, was able to disasseble it no problem. The dime, not quarter, was sitting right on top of a circuit board so it would have fried it for sure had I tried to just turn it on. Took a little screwing around to get it back together but is up and running. Anyways thanks for all the help, I am off to save all the stuff from the HDD, and I owe my hubby now too! ;)
  • Good to hear all is well now with your system, jho. Also glad you didn't heed my advice and turn that thing on! :redface: Drumstix is right, you may want to consider placing the system higher up where your 3 year old can't reach it. ;)
  • yeah, I know, I feel like an idiot for having it accessible or not explaining it to him. Lets keep out fingers crossed that nothing flakey goes on down the road cuz the warranty is def void now!