Sweeney Todd trailer released
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    What's "Sweeney Todd"? Well it's a movie (Subtitled "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street") with Johnny Depp in it. And it's by Tim Burton (Of course). And it looks dark and disturbed, and it is based on a musical production (Sensing a trend?)

    Anyway, I'm not one to look too deep into plots before actually seeing movies, but from the looks of the trailer, this should be great.

    Look on, and tell me what you think (Best way to start the video is just to hit the play button - bottom left corner). I'm excited. Helena is awesome, that's one certainty.

    Oh, and if you know what happens in the musical, don't spoil a single thing you foolish person ;) I will Sweeney Todd your neck.
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    God, this was great. It isn't on Blu-ray yet, but I just bought it on DVD, and was very pleased with my purchase. Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp are great as always, and they got to have some serious fun doing this movie.

    Many necks are slashed, blood gushes, and this is everything I hoped Sweeney Todd would be. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Then thank me - names Todd, Sweeney Todd.
  • Me & Jane saw this at the cinema when it was released. I was one up on her as I've seen & done the stage musical so I knew the songs (a few weren't in due to length of the film)

    The style of Tim Burton is just Macarbe, Blu-Ray version will be ace
  • I remember going to a drama production of this when i was in high school by a local college and enjoying it!! I really enjoyed the movie - even the singing was fabulous

    Johnny Depp is easy on the eye so anything he does is fab in my opinion!! Cant wait for the DVD