• I was wondering about buying this game but I wanted to know if it is any good first. :happy1:
  • I dont think u should go and buy this game, there are plenty of other good horror/adventure games out there. For example DevilMayCry, SH2 or RE4CVX. They are way better then Extermination...
  • Don't get me wrong, it's a good game and there's much worse out there, but like Pinball said - i wouldn't buy it. It looks nice and plays well, but is a bit too short. Its well worth playing, but you're much better off renting it (you can complete it in a day with not too much trouble) as the replay value isn't amazingly high.

    There's a good half a dozen titles out there which you're much better off buying if you've got some spare cash.

    Its quite Syphon Filterish with a bit a of attempted MGS thrown in, but it doesn't quite live up to either standard. It is action packed and moves at a much faster pace than the Resident Evils of this world, but lacks the depth of plot and storyline of any of them.

    An enjoyable game, but not worth forking out full price for.
  • I would'nt buy it if I were you.
    I think it's hard to play.
    If you want a great shooting game ,then buy metal gear solid 2.
    That's great.
  • I had a hard time w/it; but it may just be because I kind of suck at it, heh. Everytime I turned around I would get infected by those bug things & had to find that machine to un-infect me. It had some good points though; that adaptable rifle w/the laser sight was very cool & the fact that he could climb ladders & jump & stuff very easily was a plus.
    If I could find a cheap used copy, I would buy it; but I wouldn't pay full price for it.
    Rent it first. :0

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  • I liked it.