• In your review of Burnout, you stated:

    > Jumping into the initial menu screen it was nice to see that there was a Dolby Surround AND a Dolby Digital option for sound!

    Dolby Digital surround sound in a PS2 game is quite a big deal..
  • There are getting to be quite a few games in digital 5.1 surround. Though most are in DTS not Dolby Digital (they both are 5.1 digital surround and both sound great) Off the top of my head two recient games that have digital surround during gameplay is EA's NHL 2002 and SSX Tricky. They are both full on DTS, during gamplay and in the menu's. I love games having digital surround but not everyone has a reciever that supports digital 5.1 surround and the Optical Digital cable to hook there PS2 to such mentioned reciever. Trust me though it is very worth it just to play hockey and it sounds like you are at the game and why even bother watching a DVD if you don't have digital surround?