Hello, i have a question.
  • So, i'm not entirely sure what kind of 'help' this constitutes as but, i'm pretty sure i can get a good answer from this site no matter what.

    I was playing "The Legend of Dragoon" (a PS1 game) on my PS2 the other day, and i was on the second disc. I had finished a battle, a cutscene, and an experience points menu, and the screen goes black and nothing came back on screen for some time. So, luckily, i had saved just before and thought to myself, "Well, i guess that it's pretty scratched. I've had the game since it came out, and i've played it many times." Even previous to this incident, the game had been doing strange 'black flashes' and freezing up. I tried playing again, but it did the exact same thing as before. It came to the black screen, and nothing ever came back up.

    So, i borrowed the game from my friend who has a less scratched version and played it again thinking that this would solve my problem. But, much to my frustration, it did the same thing as before at the exact same point. That's just too much of a coincidence.

    I know there's nothing wrong with my PS2, as it practically brand new and i've played several other games on it for longer periods of time with no problems. I'm just curious if there is anyway to solve this problem. Does it have something to do with my memory card? I've had that for a long time as well.
  • The problem may be a combination of the game being too scratched up in the particular area on the disc where that data is and the old memory card. You may have to start again, I'm afraid.

    Also, if the disc is seriously scratched up you may want to look for a place in your area that repairs discs. The fee for this is normally somewhat small and it will bring your disc back to like-new condition. You should be able to find this service at local game stores or places that sell used CDs.