• i just found out that my ps2 can use a hdd.
    i read many post regarding the sutup for an hhd most of it i understand but the part that elude`s me is the hd advance what it`s for and how do i apply it . if i understood the message it say`s to burn to cd or dvd put it in the tray and somehow it will show me the games i installed to the hdd.
    if this is all wrong could you help me. i really would like to have my ps2 working with hdd than having to use the discs .

    thanks for any help you can give baker5253
  • Still using one of the old 'fat boy" PS2's, I see.

    The only hard drive that is available for the PS2 is the one that includes Final Fantasy XI. Set up of it is pretty basic- just plug it into the slot and run a disc that comes with it.

    As for the HD Loader, you have it pretty much all correct. It allows the copying of the game to the hard drive on the PS2 to let you play the games from the hard drive instead of using the discs. To be honest, i didn't think it was around any more as Sony would have went for legal action against it- this would lead to some easy piracy as people could rent/ borrow a game, copy it to the drive and they have themselves a free game.

    There is no real advantage to playing the games off the hard drive, i would just stick to using the discs themselves.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    There is no real advantage to playing the games off the hard drive, i would just stick to using the discs themselves.

    Actually, there are a few games that work much better because of this, but most see minor, if any, changes. I couldn't really name any of the games that the HD Loader is good with, but I know just having the HDD made the RE: Outbreak games playable from what I have read.

    The HD Loader really only slightly helps with loading times, though you wouldn't need to change discs everytime you wanted to change games, so I guess that is a slight plus. I have the HDD, though I don't think I ever saw the HD Loader around here, so iunno if it's still available or not.
  • It may not be, actually- last i had seen of it it was being advertised on G4 in a direct sales ad about a year ago. There's a good chance Sony may have shut them down by now.
  • I went ahead and did a little digging and it seems that they're still around.

    Iunno how much I'd trust ordering from them, but there it is at least.

    Edit: Grumbles at the long link name they chose for it XD
  • They are most likely as legit as most other sites that sell their own products. Speaking of which, i removed your link to the site- you know how we feel about linking to commercial sites, after all. ;)
  • Wow, how much of an ass do I feel? :P

    It's been so long.