Re: Playstation 3 Console, NTSC games in PAL console?
  • Hope this is the right place to post this topic... I live in Germany for roughly 6 years now. Previously I lived in USA(born & raised) and I have a PS1.the very 1st model with RCA jacks on it instead of a multi-pin! It still works to this day with the use of a step down converter(noisy and awkward).All my PS1 games are NTSC of course.I have maybe 40+ titles!,but so far,none work on my Euro-PS3 (region code 2). I paid REAL money for these and have MOST of the receipts.Is there a X-change program to get the PAL discs?,or am I stuck with having to pay for these titles AGAIN?..grrrr OR Here's a great idea... since Blu-ray can hold so much data...compile a library of PS1 games on 1(one) blu-ray disc!!! i.e. FF7,MGS which came with multiple discs. There has to be some way to get credit for the games that I have now(PS1). But paying for them at the PSstore(€4.99-€5.99)seems a bit like Sony doesn't care that they have LOYAL customers.Even if it was say a 50% disount for those that already own the physical disc, I'd be game to pay again. It would be great to use wireless control and 1(one) system for all games. Any ideas welcome
  • You are out of luck regarding the games, drumstix. As you found out, the PS3 still has full region coding for PSOne/ PS2 games as well as movies on DVD and Blu-Ray.

    You won't find an exchange program anytime soon- it isn't the fault of the regional divisions of the companies you had to move. Your best option would be to sell your NTSC games on eBay and use the money made to pick up some of the PAL versions.