Best multi player ps1 games using multitap
  • I know Crash Team Racing is great wtih the multitap,

    What are other games that a good for 3-4 people on the PS1?
  • Yes CTR is great isnt it. Quake II got alot of 4 way play in its day at my pad. You would think it would'nt run on PS1 well but Hammerhead pulled of a miracle and it is a great game. Most of the good multi player gaming that I remember on PS1 (it was a while ago and my memory isnt what it used to be) was linked up games, Doom, Final Doom, Command & Conquer, C & C Red Alert, Need For Speed etc.. That isnt answering your question just me reminiscing.
  • I agree, CTR is super with the multi-tap.

    Another that we enjoy at home (although not what I'd call an action-packed game) is Monopoly
  • I guess all of the twisted metal games would work well. Are on some of the wrestling games like smack down 1,2, or 3 when you use a tag team match, or a battl royal, or a triple theart, or a tornadoe tag team match, or a hardcore title time limit brawl!! You getting my point. I would think lot's of the basket ball games would work well to like nba live 97,98,99.2000,2001., are 2002. Plus nba shoot out 98, 99, 2001, 2002. How about football? the whole game day series and the whole series of the madden football series!!! All those games and more work very well with multi tabs. Have a nice day!!!!

  • CTR may be good with the multitap but it's way too dated now.It's like an old game that you might bang in the machine when a mate comes round.I would recommend Anna Kournikova's Smash Court tennis 1&2