• OK, I got to the Isle of The Dead by riding the ferry from the Demon Statue place.
  • sorry this reply took so long...damn migraines (2wks worth every month)

    NE-Way...here's something I found...
    Just pull every lever u can. If u r stuck at the resting place, enter through the Gehena. The one sigil you cannot find is in the Lava Pit! No you didnt get it. Jump onto the moving platform. Keep facing the wall that has the door from which you entered from. There will be an opening past the door which you can see. there is the sigil. if you dont understand. just jump onto the moving platform, and look around. its there.

    I'll look for more IF u need it :) w/my luck, u've already figured this one out and are well on u'r way...wavers!
  • Actually, I haven't figured it out yet. I've been playing Spyro on GBA. ;)

    OK, where are the Moving platforms?
  • Grrrrrrr!

    :P got that out of my system...now I can proceed. (nothing seems to be out there on this game, but I'm still looking!)

    Have u gotten the chalice yet? if not let me know...seems to be related to completing this...bring the chalice to the church in New Orleans and that will bring you to The Boneyard. You can get to the other side of The Isle of the Dead via The Boneyard level.
    Remember to use the Colle (sp?) on walls that have cracks that would indicate a passage way also. There are a few of them located in the the Isle of the Dead Chambers. Some of the chambers however( The Spike Trap and Ogua's Chamber) you can only access from the Bone Yard side. There are some Sigils located in the Lava Pit. If you get to a certain point of the Isle, you can pull a bonelever that will lower the last platform to you right when you walk into the door of th lava pit. Jump on the moving platform. To your left(when moving towards the lava) look. There is an opening with the sigil inside.
    Another thing was entering the isle from the Gehenna side...i'm still looking and will continue to do so as long as u need the help...just let me know!
  • I went back to Gehenna & got to Isle Of Dead that way. I found the Lava Pit! YAY!!! Thanx. I've got one more bone lever to find in order to get on that checkered platform & onto those cool floating platforms. :)
    You're right, there's not much out there on this game.

    PS: I PMed you 'bout some E-Mail info.