resident evil 2 help
  • Leon mission 1 playing as ada in the room with the box puzzle the stairs to the left of the panel to get to the boxes are missing, did I miss something?
  • There are ledges to drop down on to get to the box puzzle.
  • playing Leon how do i get the king chess piece key??? Its the last one i need to open the door in the basement...Its driving me crazy!!!!:mad:
  • You'll find the king plug in the statue room. You'll see a statue with jewel holders to either side- place your two red jewels in them. The statue's chest will open to reveal the plug. Examine it to pick it up.
  • lol thanks..... how do i get the other red jewel though? I got the one from the statue on the second floor but not the other one....haha
  • The other one should be found in the Conference Room.
  • Looked everywhere in the conference room r u sure it is in there? Is there 2 conference rooms?
  • Still cant find that second red jewel on resident evil 2.... any ideas?
  • The conference room inside there is a painting there. Try using the lighter on it.