• Hey, me too!

    Dark Cloud has been pretty cool so far, but one thing I've never quite understood is what the people of Muska Racka want me to do with those totems.

    Something about alligning them the way the ancestors did... I wish they'd given me a better hint.
  • You have to look at the pictures on the totem poles, and match them up with the totems that stand in front of each building. You have to arrange the whole place so that each matching face is facing the correct other matching face. (For instance, I'm pretty sure the totem for the jail is always the spider. You've got to make sure the totem pole with the spider is facing the spider's front side toward the jail.) I just wrote down all the conditions (who has to be next to whom, etc.) and which house had which totem, and which groups of totems were on each pole, then planned it out on paper. It makes it a little easier.
  • Hey, hey...I'm at Yellow Drops too!

    I had just found the Antique Sword, which I previously hadn't seen before now, then I busted it!:cry:
  • I'm stuck at Yellow Drops. I have all the giant parts including the power sphere and it is assembled but I can't get pest this point. In the georama analysis it say I have 53% requests completed. I don't know what to do. HELP PLEASE!!! :mad:
  • When in Yellow Drops the center section is the warehouse to assemble the Sun Giant, just go there and build him. He will then take you to battle at the Dark Castle
  • Thanks but I did that and nothing has happened. I can't get the event to trigger. Does the lookout tower have something to do with it?