PS3 backwards compatibility for PS2 games!!!
  • PS3 backwards compatibility for Europe and the rest of the world!
    well that's what I've decided to campaign for because sony just aren't listening to their customers!!!
    Please sign my petition and support the campaign for a PS3 that PS2 users want!

    If I get enough signatures and can get press interested, then Sony will have to start listening to their loyal customers!!

    click below to sign ! :)
    Sony Please take your corporate finger out and give us the PS2 playing PS3 that we want!

    please pass this on to anyone you might think is interested.


  • With all due respect, online petitions rarely (if ever) do any good toward getting something accomplished. This is especially true when said petition starts off by insulting the people you want to change the minds of.
  • Its only the 40 gig version that doesnt have backwards compatibility. can play PSone games on it. There are still plenty of 60 and 80gb systems out there that can do it, along with the 20gb but those are getting harder to find.
  • There are still plenty of 60 and 80gb systems out there that can do it

    Yeah but in Europe the Backwards Compatibility is limited i think thats what he's talking about.........

    And this is obviously a thing i wish Sonu would address more efficiently as in updating their Backwards compatibility website, but overall there not doing a bad job...........:)