disconnecting from games
  • helllllpppppp, i keep disconnecting from online games like fifa 08 and resistance!
    It's ok joinning a game however after about 5 minutes or so of playing i get disconnected and an message appears on the screen saying so. I have opened up my ports on my router (its a Belkin F5d5231-4 btw), assigned an static ip to my ps3, entered the network configuation manually on the ps3, also i have tryed the DMZ thing all to no avil. I have no idea what to do next :(

    I also get disconnected when downloading updates or demos

    Ideas anyone??

    P.S I don't have any connection problems when on my PC and my boardband service is virgin media
  • Oh also i forgot to add that my NAT thing is type 2 not 3
  • Sounds like you have everything as it should be. Are you using a wired or wireless connection? If wireless, where is the router located in relation to the PS3?
  • I have read somewhere on another forum, althought it says that i have NAT type 2, this may not be the case and infact it is still NAT type 3?
    Maybe i've entered the wrong information in manual config? (i am usless with computers lol...)

    This is the infomation i'm getting once i do ipconfig/all in a run command


    This is what i have entered on my ps3 network settings;

    IP Address:
    Subnet mask:
    Default Router:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    Does this look right? I left the secondary DNS blank as i dont have one..? lol..?
    And obiviously, I've used the same ip address which i have entered on my ps3 settings to unlock the ports on my router.
  • I think the DNS servers matching the router IP is the problem- it really should be the servers that were given by the ISP in those blanks. If you dig around in the router settings you should find the correct DNS numbers, most likely on a status page.