Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
  • hoping someone can help me im stuck on los angeles cant manage to start the eathquake or stop the car chase anyone help thanks. Managed to do most things including the secret tapes for the previous levels. ???
  • U nedd to rail some rails in the beginning dont know for sure witch one, and when u have done that u can get up on the road above u and grind the car then it will fall down and stop the carchase...
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  • It's sort of hard to describe where the rails are. One is to the far left of where you start, one is in ffront of the building where you start (go down the steps, through the building and turn right), i think one of the rails is the one on the left when you go through the building, and the other one is soemwhere to the right of where you start. If you can understand that, you should be alright ???

    You con only stop the car chase once you have started the earthquake. If you get up onto the broken bridge, there is a car leaning on the edge, just grind that edge, over the car, and it will fall.

    To get the secret tape, there is a small ramp at the end of the bridge. I've said too much :grin1: