Help with resident evil 3 - nemesis
  • Hi,
    I need help with RE3 I have just come down a hole and there is a large worm thing coming out of the wall and I barely have any heath please help me I dont have a clue how to beat it or get away.
  • Okay, don't bother trying to kill the worm yet.
  • Thanks Knowze!
  • Its pretty hard to press the buttom while the worm is still there.

    The trick is to walk backwards to where the worm comes out and when you hear a GWARRGH!! (or something like that) run forward against the wall and to your quick turn (back+square) there fire a few rounds, then do it repeatedly.

    Its wise to do it alternately on both sides where the worm comes out because when you do it in only one side, the worm will reach you.

    Hope this helps