Does anyone have
  • An iphone? My contract is up for renewal and i dont want to stay with ornage coz their coverage is pants! O2 are doing the iphone in november on a
  • Personally I would say do NOT get it. But that's just me. There seem to be some problems with it, I forget what, but there are.

    If you are willing to wait, I would wait for the NEW Nokia N-Gage type phone. It's going to be brilliant apparently. Much much much much MUCH better than the original and slightly smaller version of the original.

    Again, that's my opinion though *shrug*
  • Thanx for the advice. I HATE nokias though - always have!! Sony have been fantastic phones had a few now and never had any problems with them
  • I don't have one but what i have seen of them tells me the iPhone is overpriced- you are limited to their choice of a carrier and usualy must buy into a 2 or even 3 year contract. This is on top of the fee to actually buy the thing (got a spare £269 on you for that?). You say you have had no problems with Sony Ericson phones? i would suggest one of them long before one of Apple's new "trendy" phone.
  • Hmmm There is a sexy new sony erricson slidy phone? Might have a closer mooch at that