please help me game reigonality question
  • please help me.

    i am currently on holiday in canada but i live in england, i saw a set of two games today that were very reasonably priced. The games were true crime streets of new york city and timespliters future perfect. The information on the back of the game was in english and french. As far as i am aware my playstation two console was purchased in the united kingdom, so if i buy this game outside of the united kingdom will it still work inside of the united kingdom. I am leaving canada over the next couple of days and would like to know ASAP i would be very greatfull.

    thank you for your time.
  • I'm afraid the games in Canada will not work in your system in the UK. The region coding built in will only let those discs work in PS2s made for the North American market. Likewise, PS2 games from the UK will not work in game systems here.
  • well thank you for our help anyway.:)