Wireless PS3 Network problem!! :(
  • Hey, I bought my PS3 Yesterday and connected to the internet via my wireless modem. I have the main internet running but i can't log in to my Network account to play online. How do I fix this? If you could help i would be very grateful.

  • What sort of message do you get when trying to log in?
  • ill check that, also my UPnP is not available and I have NAT Type 3 so maybe that could be the problem
  • That would definitely not be helping- I've seen a number of people in various places having troubles due to being NAT 3. NAT Type 2 is preferable for this- i'll have to do some digging to find out about changing NAT types.
  • The message is 'An error has occured. You have been signed out of PS Network (80710B23)'

    I also printed off these instructions from the PS Manual and it says if you're PS Network is in a housing complex the problem could be a firewall. Then it has all these port numbers for PS Network Servers which is pretty confusing.
  • It's not really all that confusing once you get into it. That could well be the problem- if you have a firewall in place it may be blocking the ports needed for online play.

    A wireless modem? Can't say i have heard of those- wireless routers, yes, but not modems. Going by some information i grabbed with a quick Google search on them, however, the speeds of them are no better than dial up connection. To be honest, this would not work out for online play.
  • On the internet the wireless Broadband router thing is alot faster than dial up.
  • Would it be different for online play?
  • You have me wondering about your set up there- I'd like to make sure of your internet hook up so that I can better give some suggestions as to what you can do. Mind giving more details about who you are with for internet, the brand and model of wireless modem, brand and model of router (if any), etc.?
  • I came back from a school camping trip today, and after being away for 3 days my online works. I can sign in now but i still cant update my motorstorm to play.
  • Good to see some things are managing to clear up on their own. However, in order to help i will need some more information as to what sort of set up you are running ( router brand/ model if any, internet provider, a quick summary of your PS3 connection setings).
  • Hey, I've just tried to go online with my PS3 and when I try to download the new MotorStorm update it fails after about 15%. I have Wireless and the modem is quite far away from the actual PS3 so my Signal Strength is only around the 50% mark. Or is it something else, I have NAT type 3 as well,
  • ok ill get back to you on that.
  • I have a NetComm NB5plus4W ADSL2 modem.
  • What PS3 connection settings you want?
  • Hi ponting, I've been keeping an eye on this.
    I was just wondering, as Lyndon asked, what ISP have you got? Er, who do you get the internet access from? Also, what settings do you have for your PS3s connection? Obviously you're trying to connect wirelessly, as that's the whole point of this thread, but what actual settings are listed for the wireless connection?

    Your Wireless Connection should be able to give you a summary of all the settings. Er do you have to press the triangle button to get them up, or just press X on your connection and it brings up the details? I'm not at home at the moment so I forget what you have to press. But once you get the settings that are registered for your Wireless Connection, could you give us everything, even if a particular option says "Automatic" (or something like that, possibly "Automatic Connection" or "Automatically" or "Connects Automatically"). Whatever it says, regardless, could you tell us EVERYTHING, including the option it says it for. I know it will take a long time to write them down and then type them out, but everything you can provide us is helpful. The more we know the better chance we have of helping you once and for all, ok? :)

    Anyway, if we have those two things, your internet service provider and your PS3s wireless connection settings, then we should be able to help you a lot better.

  • sure i shall get those down ASAP.
  • 50%?? That is definitely one of the problems- your PS3 is just not getting enough of the wireless signal to maintain a constant connection.

    If moving either the PS3 or your wireless hookup is not an option you may have to look into a range extender to relay the wireless signal or start stringing ethernet cable.
  • Yep, thought so. I think it is possible to re-position the modem.
  • Internet Connection Test.

    Connection Method
    WLAN Security Setting
    IP Address
    Do not set
    Proxy Server
    Do not use


  • Considering it says uPnP is not available you may as well disable that in your PS3's settings.

    Overall the main problem is likely the signal strength, as i mentioned earlier. Give a shot at repositioning the modem but i think the use of a range extender will be your best option.
  • Yep, I'll try repositioning it first today. I'll get back to you on how it ends up. Thanks for your help so far im very grateful.
  • hi, i have a similiar problem:
    i have an 80GB
    internet connection well around 90 to 100.
    when ever i try to sign in it says, "error, you have been signed out of plastation network".
    IP: succeeded
    internet connection: succeeded
    plastation network: FAILED
    please reply thank you