error 80710092 please help i wanna play today
  • it says i have a good connection and i can pull up the browser but when i try to download the new update it gets to 1 or 2 percent complete and comes up with that an error has occured during the download aperation a connection to the server cannot be established
  • There are several possible answers- it could be their servers acting up, in which case you can do nothing but try again later.

    It is also a possibility you have some small setting wrong on the system, which would make for the errors. Go into the connection setting and doublecheck that everything (DNS servers, subnet mask, system IP, etc.) are as they should be.

    Do you have a router in place? You may need to tweak some settings in there such as open some ports. It's possible this could be blocking things.

    If you could give me a bit more information regarding your set up there we can start to narrow it down.