MX 2002 vs. ATV fury
  • hi there...

    i want to know, if it's o.k, the difference between MX 2002 and ATV fury.
    not by : motorcycles and ATVs.
    by : gameplay, life length, graphics, sound...
    this will be very halpful to me.

    thanks jarjar.

    long live racing games.
  • [b]I have ATV Offroad Fury (great game) but I haven't yet checked out MX 2002,so I can't really offer a comparison.Why not check out the reviews we have on both?Just click on the "Game Reviews" link at the top of the page and then hit the Racing link-you'll easily find both reviews.
  • MX2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael is an awesome bike racer. You can test your skills in the races and if you get tired doing that then you can go freestyle and test your abilities with this. You can also play against one of your mates and see how they match up to you. ATV is a great game but i think that it's a lttle slow. You need a lot of skill to race and to know how to keep from jumping high at the wrong time will keep you from eating dirt. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • ATV offroad fury is kind of a slow game, the races aren't as good as ricky 2002.
  • I own ATV offroad fury and have a demo for MX2002. ATV has better graphics and a better terrain. The tricks are pretty cool too. The thing that is bad is that after you beat it on Pro Career mode once there is nothing else to do really. The ups of MX2002 is the arcade style play and the tricks. The bad things about MX2002 are that the bikes are too thin, it's like driving a toothpick, the bike handling is kind of sloppy because you can't really control the pitch, roll, and tilt too well, and the races are just as hard as on ATV. So all in all go with MX2002 if you want fast paced arcade style, go with ATV if you want a challenging realistic race! :thumbsup: