• Hi, after a lot of messing around I finally got my PS3 to connect to the Internet last night but today its not having it, now I just get the usual 80710102 error but the IP address has been obtained. I'am not 100% sure if I am entering the correct IP address info, Do I use this info from the actual broadband connection or the network connection ? I'am sure I tried both at some point, also do I need to specify a DNS if so where do I get this from/enter

    Thanks Ian
  • Just about all of the information for the numbers will be obtained either by the information your ISP gave you or in your router settings (if you have one in place). If you do have a router all of the numbers other than the PS3's IP can be had on the Status page of the router set up.

    If you do not have an IP address set up in the router settings for the Ps3 leave that at automatic.