What GaME tO bUy wHaT GaMe nOT To bUy
  • nEeD hElP AsK Me
  • [b]Please can you expand on your question.
  • well, these are my opinion but:
    racing: GT3
    Sports: SSX
    Action/adventure, something like that, I'm not sure: Timesplitters
    Music: MTV Music generator
    Fighting: Tekken Tag tournament
    Puzzle: Fantavision
    Shooter: QuakeIII revolution
    Strategy: kessen
    RPG: wait for Final Fantasy X
  • The EA Sports rugby game was pretty nice in my opinion. You might enjoy midnight club if your into racing

    Initially I was confused, by Corey and his 'man of few words' demeanour.

    It appears in this particular thread that he is not ASKING for help, but OFFERING his services in an advisory capacity.

    Clearly he feels that his gaming knowledge exceeds that of the staff and the well weathers gamers who are members of this site.....

    ....either that or he is a covert operative, planted by a rival playstation site to undermine the integrity of these forums.......

    Next tim eI see corey I will interrogate him on this basis and keep you advised of my progress...

    ....This may not be an easy task as it appears Corey has made 2 posts and now gone DEEP COVER!
  • In my opinion 2 games to certainly give a miss are Max Payne and State of Emergency.