• Ive beaten redfaction like 3-4 times and I was geting kind of board of it. So does anyone know of any codes for the games besides GAMESHARK? please help.............

  • badboy, these are the only cheats i could find, i don't know if they work but you can try them anyway :)

    All weapons and ammo
    On the main menu, press Select, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left and Circle.

    Max Health
    During the game press select and then press up, left, down, right, up, up, down, down, circle, circle.

    Hope they help :)

  • I didnt work evil resident. Well I hope someone else could help me out with this one thanks anyways.:nono:
  • I'm sorry but after a surf of the web the only codes are for gameshark :( Try to explore the area more. Use Geo-mod more often. Remember if you see a hole in the wall (not too big) you can make it bigger. Also I used the grenades on a wall and found a fusion rocket launcher :2devilish: ! and jumped off something and landed in water a found alot of weapons. So there is always new things to explore!
  • See my post on Sept. 25th.