the grinch playstation 1 game please help me
  • i am playing the grinch playstation 1 game and i have all the bluprints for the egg launcher but i cant get the darn thing to create it for do i get the rotten egg launcher?:huh:
  • Once you have all of the blueprint pieces of a device you have to put them all together back at your lair- a bit of a jigsaw puzzle.
  • ok i got it figured im in town hall what all do i need from in there?
  • You will find several blueprint pieces for another device in the town hall- check out the filing cabinets down in the basement. From here, head upstairs and you will have to sneak past the guard- if he sees you you get kicked out. The two doors upstairs lead to a hallway that circles around the statue room. First however, go into the door to your right up here to enter the mayor's office. You'll find another blueprint piece. Move the filing cabinet aside and pull out the safe. Butt stomp it to get a hammer and chisel.

    With these in hand head for the statue room. Stop at the top step here and use egg breath to make the sensor beams visible. You will need to weave through these to make your way to the statues to alter them. You should find another blueprint piece in here as well. Once this is done it is mission accomplished in here and you can head back out into WhoVille.
  • thanks for the help.i cannot find the basement.i am in a building where a guard is and i went into the mayors office so where is the basement located?
  • i just found the safe and i got the hammer and chiesel so how do i get to the sculpture room?
  • opps sorry i found is there a way to set it to automatic camera?
  • Unfortunately, no- going to have to deal with the camera system as it is.
  • i cant find the bluprint after modifying the statue.
  • i still cant the blueprint after modifying the statue.i have looked you know where it is?
  • i modified the mayors statue but i cannot find the bluprint that is suppose to be there.can you help me?
  • Once you are close enough to the statue it should tell you to hit a button to modify the statue. You have to get pretty much right beside it. The blueprint should be in that room someplace, possibly behind the statue.
  • i did not see a blueprint,unless i got it and did not realize it.i appreciate you helping me.