Network Access Code Help!
  • hey people, i recently bought my psp and i can't find the network access code in the packaging, can u tell me exactly where it is thanks ;D
  • Hey 213500. Interesting username if I do say so myself.;)

    I have done some looking around for you and found that the access code is really just the WEP password that one uses to get to the wireless network in your house.

    It is usually written on the back of your wireless router. Go ahead and take a look and let me know if you need any further help.:)
  • Er just a quick addition to what Mel said...
    It could say WEP Key, instead of Password, on the router.

    It should be just printed onto a sticker on either the back or underneath of your router.

    Hope that help,
  • Jay, you should know more about this than most- this network access code is a UK/ Euro bit, after all. They never did implement this in north America with the PSP or the PS2.

    The network access code should be on a smal red bit of paper included with the PSP. If you can't find it give Sony's tech support a call (number is in the book that came with it) and they should be able to get you a new code.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Jay, you should know more about this than most...

    Oh come on Lyn, give me a break, I've had my PSP for just over two full years. How on Earth was I supposed to remember that?

    Anyway, what Lyndon has stated is correct. This code, as I can see now that I have the card in front of me, has seven numbers followed by a dash (-) then followed by a further seven numbers. These numbers are unique, allowing you to register your unique name so you can "play some of the great upcoming online titles!".
    I presume what Lyndon stated, about contacting Sony for a replacement number, would be possible. No harm in giving it a try, ay?

    Well, I'm off to see if I actually registered my number online or not.

    Site Squad

    p.s. Sorry for the mileading information, I honestly had forgotten about this as, like I stated previously, I've had my pSP since September 2005.
  • i got the WEP key for my router =] , i just can't find the "network access code" for the psp. you need it for online gaming like socom 2 =.=''
  • In that case you will have to contact Sony and ask them- as i said, it should have been on a bit of paper in among the book and other bits of documentation that came with the system.
  • i have read what you said and i have the same problem. Now i cant find the Sony Tech support no. can you help? Thanks :)
  • i need the code as well please.
    my email is [email][/email]
  • The numbers for Sony UK are:

    General Enquiries: 08705 99 88 77
    Network gaming Tel: 08702 422 299