• hellow this is my first post
    i used to have years ago a fantastic playstation 1 game now i dont
    i cant remmember its name
    ill describe it and i hope you know it name:-
    its like pokemon games in gameboy (the same style:we go to towns and catch)
    but its not pokemon there are other creatures
    the battle isnt battle but its like a race our creature do with other creatures
    if you dont know what is it tell me how to find it please!
  • You couldn't provide a better description could you ?

    It sounds like monster rancher but could also be digimon rumble arena , can you remember any of the character names ? do you stick to one town or is it a bit like a rpg where you visit each town looking for them ?

    If you provide a little better on the info side it might jog more peoples memorys