• hi, just got a ps3 and trying to hook it up to internet and really struggling. it is a wired connection through virgin media with a scientific atlanta modem.
    the connection test is failing when trying to obtain IP address, saying the attempt to obtain IP address has timed out. i really have no idea on what to do, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Most times with wired connections I recommend using a router to share the connection. This way the PS3 can be online while the computer can also (just in case you have to ask questions on here ;) ). It will also handle any log ins your ISP may require.

    Could you please list what you entered into the Ps3 for your connection settings? Chances are something is not correct or, if you went all easy/ automatic, you may need to enter some things manually.

    One other thing to try is maybe the simplest- power down the modem for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Sometimes the modem doesn't "let go" of the IP when switching between the computer and the PS3 as you are doing.
  • turning off the modem then plugging it in to my ps3 worked! thanks for the help, would never of thought of that!