• Hi everybody. I've got a PSP fat with cf3.52m33-4. I wanted to mount PSP2TV and I did it; everything is working excet the R key. It seems like it's always pushed down: when I switch on my psp the recovery menu is always started, then it's impossible to use the text editor 'cause it continues to write spaces, just as if R key is held down.

    I tested the system in many ways and maybe found a possible problem:
    - R key is always active even without the button on it, so it's not a button contact problem
    - R key is perfectly working with the original circuit, so it's just a problem of PSP2TV
    - I tried many times to connect the upper right socket, that's the one which manages R key contacts and I found out that if I place the circuit in the socket pushing it a little bit on the left, R key goes isolated, that is, it doesn't work anymore. If I push it a little to the right or I leave it in the middle, R key is always active.
    - I took PSP2TV form a guy that used it for some time and he never had such problems
    - the hardawre seem to be in good conditions

    I saw somewhere in other forums people who had the same problem but no one gave a solution to that. Could some of you help me?:(
  • You may not find too much in the way of help there, Fiz. We're not really into the whole homebrew thing here.
  • Ok. Thank you for your patience, anyway. ^_^