Problems with playstation network (TIME OUTS)
  • I have had my Playstation 3 for a week now and im having continuing problems getting a stable connection to the Playstation Network, basically either i get `Connection Timeout` or i login to PSN only to be booted a few moments later, However i can browse the internet Fine, I just cannot enter the Playstation store or play online games. I have a linksys AG241v2 router with two computers + PS3 running from it.

    I have assigned the playstation 3 to a static Ip address, and then in the router assigned that ip address to DMZ as suggested in your forums, however this does not help with the time outs or disconnections.

    I have also tried Port forwarding the PSN ports within the router as well, all to no effect.

    I have tried Disabling UPnP, within the router and on the ps3 as i am led to believe Ps3 and linksys routers are incompatiable, however all to no effect.

    Typically when i Test the internet connection on the ps3 i get this

    Ip Adresss - Successfull
    Internet connection - succesfull
    Playstation network - failed.

    on occasion it says this

    Ip Address - successfull
    Internet connection - Successful
    Playstation Network - Successful
    UPnP - Disabled
    Nat Type - Type 2

    However if i try to log onto the PS network it fails with a time out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as im tearing my hair out.

  • You don't really need to do both- assigning the static IP in DHCP should usually be sufficient. You are also incorrect about the incompatibility with Linksys- many have recommended and use that brand for this sort of thing.

    Do you have a firewall running on the router? it may be interfering with the incoming traffic with PSN.
  • Sorry i should have been more clear, the ports are not forwarded at the same time as the DMZ.

    Just to clarify, i`ve assigned my ps3 into dmz, via the dmz setting in the router, dhcp is disabled in the router as my other computers are assigned using a static ip address as i have ports that are open for each and require them to have the same ip address when the computer starts.

    Pc 1 = (single port forward assigned)
    pc 2 = (single port forward assigned)
    ps3 = (DMZ assigned)

    would this confuse the router? *it confuses me sometimes :huh: *

    Firewall is on on the router, you think turning this off may be worth a try. If so that would leave my puters pretty open, could you suggest a decent firewall if the hardware ones disabled?

    Kind regards
  • If the PS3 is in the DMZ it should be outside the firewall anyway so shutting it off won't affect anything. The router shouldn't be affected by this sort of thing- after all, it's what it was designed for.

    You may want to try setting the PS3's IP a bit lower judging by the IPs you have for your computers- maybe go with .50 instead of .100. Also, you may want to recheck some of the other settings (subnet mask, dns servers, router IP) to make sure they are correct on the PS3. Those are really the only things i can think of at the moment.
  • Not to worry mate, it appears to be behaving itself,i reflashed the firmware and reseted the hell out of it, looks like its working as i`ve had no time outs so far and its been fine for 24 hours so i presume all is well.

    Thanks for your time though.
  • Sorry to re-open this thread, but my problems have started again i have identfyed the problem though, when ever i use utorrent it messes with the Router and the PSN network fails to connect, when you turn utorrent off the problem remains and no amount of reseting the router gets PSN working again.

    It really is rather strange.

    Aside from just not using utorrent is there anything you can suggest? I`m thinking that Utorrent just floods the ports on the router confusing the PS3, but i`m not sure how to correct this.

    Thanks for your time
  • You should be able to adjust what ports uTorrent uses so that it only goes to those ports in its options. You could also specify just those ports in the port forwarding of the router for it. The easiest solution would likely be grab another bit torrent program (for legit download purposes of course ;) ).
  • Thanks for replying. I`ve tried forwarded a specific port for utorrent, however it still has the problem. As the PS3 is in the DMZ could Port Forwarding a specific port somehow Priorize Utorrent rather than DMZ. And is there a specific port range you could recommend which is out of the PSN port range.

    I will give another client a go and see what happens. For legit reasons of course ;)

  • when i turn on my playstation 3 console it comes up with error 80710102 so i do a connection test and it obtains my ip adress but the internet connection fails but i dont think its the router because my laptop works fine i dont no what to do its been like this for months please help asap
  • Neuro, you'll need to keep the torrent turned off while gaming- two different programs can't use the same port at the same time.

    Joey, you will want to go back in and put the DNS Addresses into your PS3's settings manually along with the router's IP address and subnet mask. Once that is done give everything (your modem, the router and the PS3) a reboot, firing up the modem first then the router and finally the PS3. make sure one is showing normal operation before moving to the next.
  • hey i need help with my playstation network i try to logon to the playstation network it will say (connection to playstation network timed out). i have read about some about a router but i have no clue what to do. i can get on the internet just fine (wireless) tho sorry thats all i can think about.....plz help me.
  • I have the same prob as the one of Noahbilbrey. I dont know of the prob comes from the 3.42 update. But anyway I called the PS services and they give me some tips to do (it didn't help me but you maybe it will)
    1. higher up the lastest numbers from your IP-address
    (example XX.XX.X.12 -> XX.XX.X.22)
    2. Primaire DNS:
    Secondaire DNS:
    3.put your IP-address in the DMZ-zone of your ps3
    4. disconnect from the setting Mediaserver (the one in the Network settings)

    if this doesn't work they advised to reset the rooter and modem (i had no time to do this yet)

    Good luckk;)
  • YEs it's works not with the info above but with cable internet! i hope this is the answer for you
  • I have a BILLION 7404VNOX firewall router and my PS3 internet connected but couldn't sign in to the Playstation Network.

    Message was: " connection to the playstation network timed out "

    Eventually figured out that I needed to :

    1) On the PS3 Network Settings, manually configure a unique IP address for my PS3 (e.g. /

    The Default Router and DNS can be the same i.e. your Router's IP address (e.g. Billion router =

    2) From my PC get into my Router settings (e.g. Billion router =

    (a) In Advanced, Configuration, Firewall, Packet Filters set up the ports to exclude them from the firewall for the PS3 (e.g. / one entry for each of these:

    TCP: 80, 443, 5223

    UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658

    (b) In Advanced, Configuration, Virtual Server, Port Forwarding set up ports for the PS3

    One entry for each of these:

    TCP: 80, 443, 5223

    UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658

    Voila! all working fine after wasting 6 hours.

    To find out how to set up the Port Forwarding and Packet Filters for the PS3's IP address that you set up in your router, Google your Router's manual.
  • I am trying to create a new account in the playstation network and i can`t do it. all i get is a "the connection with the server timed out". My router is in another room so I can't make a wired connection. What should I do?
  • I would say to double check your connection settings to the router- it sounds like there is something not getting picked up by the PS3. I have always found it a good idea to enter in as much as possible to the PS3 manually (setting up a reserved IP address in the router, mark down your subnet mask and the DNS servers) so that it can more easily get what it needs.
  • My son is having the same problem sortof. All of a sudden last week he couldnt log into psnetwork. He says it read network timed out. I dont understand why it would do this all of a sudden. Any suggestions? He can get online just not on psnetwork.
  • Dylace, you may want to try the simple solution first of unplugging the power from the router and let it sit for 30 seconds- 1 minute. There may be a bit of "brain freeze" happening in the router.