Midnight club street racing
  • i got midnight club street racing and noticed that my ps2 makes a strange sound while loading like the disc is outta round? but the game plays fine and loads fine (other than the noise and no scratches on this disc either it has a perfect finish).i also have 5 other ps2 games (mgs2,gta3,SoE,spyhunter) and none of them make this noise, they all load quietly is this ordinary ?
  • hey i have the same problem to me it sounds liks a clicking sound so i thought my ps2 was messed up but now i know it's just not me
  • hmm thats new havent heard about that yet i have the game nothing has happened to me yet... on the other thought those damn blue sided disks there screwed up
  • Mine makes that sound when i load grant theft auto 3 so i think it could be that when u load a game with a lot on info on it the ps2 has to go back and read it more than once but thats just my grab on it!~!~!~! :2silly:
  • :mad: i just bought smugglers run and it does the same thing only worse! i get "disc read error" everytime i try to load the game, also if it does load by some miracle, then i notice my controller acts as if its not plugged in! i took the game back 3 times to CIRCUIT CITY (same place i got midnight club st. racing from btw) and all of them do the same thing! i borrowed a smugglers run from a friend of mine b4, and his did the same thing! was these games networking half a$$ed or wut? :tired: