the grinch playstation 1 again i need help
  • where are the canoes?and how do you drill holes in them?please can anyone help?
  • The first canoe is behind the blue shack. next head for the beach and you will find 2 reels with boats attached. reel them in to drill #'s 2 and 3. Follow the path max and the skunk took to get to the fenced-in area where you will find a heart of stone and the next 2 canoes. Reel in #6 from this area as well. On the way out go behind the cabin for a blueprint piece- turn right as you exit to find boats 7 and 8.

    Now stand between the two boats, with your back to the water and look up towards the sun at the green shed on the hill. Go around to the right (ignore the branches and door) and left up the hill to the green shed. Go behind the shed and slide the stone block off the edge to bust open the box below. Drop down to find the blueprint piece that was inside then go back up to the shed. Near to the van is another stone block- slide it up to the van and use it to get on top of the van to drill boats(#9&#10).
  • Hey, I am Carly. I need help with The Grinch too. I am having a hard time assembling the Marine Mobile blueprints together. Do you by chance have an image or could make an image for me of the finished pieces together?

    If not, that's cool.;) I will try my best to tell you what I am having trouble putting together. The rectangular box I have is on the bottom right corner. The subarine looking thing in my bottom left corner. The man looking things is on the top left corner. The helicopter's spinning top is on my top right corner. What did I do wrong?

    I'm sorry I used somebody's else' thread to talk about this. Anyways, thanks again, Carly.
  • I'm afraid i do not have an image of the finished blueprint. All i can suggest is keep sliding things around- use the lines of certain bits to help figure out the proper places. The parts that go to the sides, top and bottom have borders on them. Once they are in place it should be somewhat simple to line up the middle pieces using the drawings on them to figure out what pieces fit beside each other. You may need to rotate some pieces to get things looking right.