My brand new ps3 doesnt load ps3 games
  • I opened my brand new ps3 today and when i put my brand new copy of motostorm in to play it got so far and froze. I restarted the system and now it will load the disc but go back to the screen saying a start up error occured. I tryed a different game but it wont load it. The screen shows it loading but the icon never appears for me to play it. Can anyone help me?
  • Sounds like you found one of those very rare units that will not quite work correctly. Your best bets (two options here) is contact Sony about it and they will most likely send you a box to send it in for repair/ replacement free of charge thanks to the one year warranty OR pack everything back up and take it back to where you bought it to exchange for another system.
  • yay Amazon is sending me a brand new 1 right now so thanks. :D
  • So yeah it started playing games today (the system) and then it started not working again. may i ask what exactly is the problem would it be the blue ray reader? or is it getting to hot to fast? (This is the current one not the one being shipped)
  • I can't see it being overheating unless you have the system itself in a fairly confined space- mine has been running virtually nonstop doing the Folding@Home app when I'm not playing games on it. Where exactly has the system been located in relation to your tv?

    It is possible the system's blu-ray lens may have become a bit misaligned or it may be something along the lines of the hard drive being partially to blame and needs to be reseated into its slot.

    Personally, I would have contacted Sony first to figure out exactly what was happening and let them sort it out. They would be able to say with a much bigger degree of certainty what the cause is.
  • When we called the sony hotline they pretty much told us to talk to the seller.

    As for the ps3 it is on top of a desk with plenty of air.

    Either way im getting a new 1 i just wanted to know what to watch out for
  • That is odd that they would say that- maybe you caught someone at the end of their shift and they didn't want to do any more? :huh:

    Still, good to see some tech support comes through when needed. next time something happens i would maybe suggest asking for someone a bit higher up the tech heirarchy.
  • Sure thing but next time lets hope i wont be part of that small percentage to have a broken 1. Just my luck to get my first one fresh outta the box not working. :redface: